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Yezzel Asseo

Operations Manager

Yezzel is a proficient Operations Manager who holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and extensive experience in inpatient Behavioral Health settings. Her journey in Behavioral Health and foundation in Psychology ignited a passion for a holistic approach to mind and body well-being, leading her to specialize as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

Thriving in roles that allow her to leverage these tools, Yezzel is committed to creating wellness spaces that prioritize the integration of daily mindfulness techniques and practices. She is elated to bring forth client and patient education in Southwest Mind and Body Care with their newest brand, Elevate Wellness Therapeutics, offering the latest biohacking modalities.

Yezzel harbors a profound keenness in assisting individuals in underserved communities. She stands proudly in the mission of Southwest Mind and Body Care, in collaboration with our non-profit, Southwest Cares Foundation by offering these advanced therapeutics to minority groups and populations who do not find themselves privileged to access these advanced modalities in optimizing one's health.

For fun Yezzel indulges in self care and appreciates the arts by means attending concerts, singing and dancing. She takes pleasure in immerging herself in books, embracing a variety of culture in exploring new destinations and savoring quality time with loved ones.

Yezzel Asseo
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