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Pamela Davis

Billing Supervisor

Pam is a dedicated professional who has been an integral part of Southwest Family Medicine for over 12 years. Her journey with the organization began as an intern, where she showcased her exceptional skills and passion for the healthcare industry. Recognizing her talent and drive, Pam was soon promoted to the position of billing supervisor, a role in which she has excelled.

Originally from New Mexico, Pam made the decision to transplant to Texas, a state she has proudly called home for over two decades. Her commitment to her work and the community she serves is evident in her long-standing tenure at Southwest Family Medicine. Pam takes great pride in being a valuable member of a team that prioritizes patient care and well-being above all else.

Outside of her professional life, Pam finds joy in various hobbies and activities. She has a remarkable talent for painting, unleashing her creativity and capturing the essence of her surroundings on canvas. In addition, she cherishes the time spent with her beloved granddaughter, creating precious memories and experiencing the world through her youthful eyes.

Pam's thirst for knowledge and appreciation for the arts also lead her to explore museums, where she can immerse herself in history, culture, and the beauty of artistic masterpieces. Furthermore, she embraces the tranquility of morning walks, finding solace in nature and a calm start to her day before embarking on her fulfilling work at Southwest Family Medicine.

With her proven dedication, extensive experience, and genuine love for her work, Pam continuously contributes to the success and reputation of Southwest Family Medicine. Her compassionate nature, coupled with her unwavering commitment to providing excellent healthcare services, makes her an invaluable asset to her colleagues and the patients she serves.

Pamela Davis
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