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Dr. Safia Shaikh

Director, Southwest Clinical Research

Dr. Safia Shaikh, a highly accomplished foreign medical graduate from Pakistan, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her role. After completing her residency in Pulmonology and serving as a Chief Resident from July 2012 to January 2014, Dr. Safia delved into clinical research, actively presenting her findings at both national and international platforms. Her outstanding work has also been published in prestigious international journals.

Driven by an unwavering passion for medicine, Dr. Safia has actively served at multiple free clinics, reaching out to underserved rural areas both in her home country and the United States to promote healthcare awareness. She courageously worked alongside the CDC during the Ebola outbreak, focusing on educating the refugee community, transcending cultural and language barriers, and raising awareness about the virus and its preventive measures.

With a profound dedication to helping patients achieve their healthcare goals, Dr. Safia works tirelessly to overcome barriers and evaluate cost-effective options for long-term health maintenance. Despite the challenges she faced upon arriving in the United States and not being able to practice as a physician, she fearlessly embraced the opportunity to work in clinical trials at our clinic since January 24, 2014. This role not only allows her to pursue her passion but also contributes to advancing scientific knowledge and creating better medical opportunities for the benefit of our patients' health.

Dr. Safia firmly believes that patient outcomes are influenced not only by their compliance but also by the options they are provided. By offering better alternatives, she believes that significant improvements in overall health can be attained.

Dr. Safia Shaikh
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